Help the mother, help the child.

CINI USA Mission

CINI USA operates in North America in support of Child In Need Institute (CINI). CINI’s overarching aim is to enable poor people, women and children to take control of their lives and share in sustainable development. We are active in deprived communities, both in villages and low-income urban settlements, and seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, ill-health, illiteracy, abuse and violence, affecting in particular children and women. Our initial focus on health and nutrition has grown further in the areas of education and child protection. Learn More

Helping the Mother

CINI sought to improve mother and child health by tackling the vicious cycle of malnutrition and infection to address its root causes, such as poverty, powerlessness, low status of women, illiteracy, and inadequate health and sanitation practices.

CINI's Adopt a Mother and Save her Child project concentrates on the pregnancy and the first two years of a child’s life, during which time, proper nutrition and the mother's health are particularly critical. Learn More

Helping the Child

Since the late ’80s, CINI has worked with children living on the streets, run-away, missing, sexually and physically abused, at risk of early marriage, out of school, or victims of other forms of violence.

CINI's Educate a Child program focuses on getting children into education and keeping them there. Street children, children without parents, children of sex workers and children from the slums need to have an environment conducive to learning. Funds can be donated directly to this program. Donations will be used for school fees, uniforms and educational materials. Learn More